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PRACTRICE: 15 years FOR: lifestyle, beauty, editorial, fine art, playboy style PUBLISHING: books, magazines... AVIALABILITY: whole europe


His passion for photography was born of his love to watch and understand the world around them and those who compose it. When he was a child, magazines, books and museums abundance of images were magical world for him as a teenager opened on nature. The rigor of the high mountains, where he practiced climbing up the strength of the oceans, on which he surfed, he learned respect, humility and contemplation that the elements know you impose. All lulled by the rhythms'' reggae – electro – rock'' it was for him a true school of life.

Anyone who works with Kwily knows that this is much more than a job, but a passion. It is probably the last representative of the'‘It’‘homophotoüs shoot so that you can not prevent you from having fun and respect. It was then that great photos come to life without you even noticing you. One of his favorite quotes is

''Photography is put on the same line of sight the head, eye and heart’' H Cartier Bresson.

He likes to capture those moments when the absurdity of a situation arising out the photo, where a mysterious force and God tells you the images that you write. When Kwilly behind the lens of his Canon SLR 5dmarkII (mostly) outside distractions disappear, his mind is clear, quiet and is completely in the moment, he knows him and is embarking on his world.

It is a creative spirit that has now been ten years writing files, which allowed him to meet, through competitions or contracts with brands such as: Estée Lauder, Clarins, Biotherm, Armani, Macif, Kloz, Iron Ink, Steel City, UDP, Crusty Concept, Mystery Spot… and to meet various personalities such as animal trainers, singers, DJs, models … and for some, they will mark his life forever.

He is always looking for the perfect location. Whether it’s a modest hotel room, a luxury villa, a field or in the streets of a megalopolis. He likes to say that

“if you put the right people with the right place, you can get the picture if the light would play with us”

With two pieces of wood he can build you a forest, with a piece of sail and flowers you achieve your dream dress and with a little makeup it makes you a skeleton. His imagination is boundless. It is surprising. It always happens to surprise everyone with whom he works, provided that you know him leave the field open for it expresses itself. Today it might tell you:

“I am a humanist photographer, world citizen. Photography, styling and creativity are my work and my only source of income and I like it;
I like models that try to cultivate their "inner self” instead of'‘beautiful’'by simple frustration or inability to be;
I love my business and live my life … I do not seek the approval of others but only people with whom I make and my family;
I love strawberry taga … A lot!
I drink champagne … A lot!
Please smile … if not … NO BIG DEAL … lol "


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